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The Internet of Money

CryptX Financial

An all in one integrated solution that addresses multiple pain points across diverse industries, demographics, socio economic factors and nationalities.

We are here to disrupt the BFSI sector.
From Payments, to savings accounts, to trading options & financial instruments, CryptX Financial will forever redefine how Money, Value generation & Trust works.

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Asynchronous Natively Verified Intertrade Ledger

ANVIL : A PoETic Blockchain

Built on Proof of Elapsed Time, a custom blockchain that connects seamlessly to the CryptX Financial Ecosystem.
All the transactions are recorded by ANVIL on the blockchain, which creates “Save States” enabling CryptX Financial to seamlessly move back in time. If any malicious attempt to change current transactional data is detected by our multi layered security protocol it resets back to a previous state in time. The second layer of the blockchain acts as a public ledger for the transactions and can be viewed using a block explorer.

It ensures that our platform remains untampered, secure and immutable to Cybersecurity hacks that plague the industry today.

ANVIL is GDPR compliant as we value the privacy of our customers above all, though your user ID & it’s associated transactions will remain with ANVIL, all personal information linked to the user ID will be purged.

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Humans can’t go back in time like ANVIL, so make sure you capitalize now

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funds raised & Bonus

The Sale is divided into 9 Phases with varying discounts.

Private Sale :

  • Upto 50% bonus ( Min 4000 EUR )

  • Pre Sale :
  • Upto 30% bonus ( Min 400 EUR )

  • Main Sale round 1 to 7 :
  • From 25% to 0% bonus ( Min 40 EUR)

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    Softcap ↓ Hardcap ↓
    € 127,500 € 12.3 million ↑ € 22.4 million ↑

    digital asset as Utility & Securty*

    Intial Token Offering : CRYPTX Token

    CryptX Financial will use the Ethereum network's ERC20 Token to raise funds to materialize this project..

    Token Name : CryptX Financial Token
    Token Symbol : CRYPTX
    Total number of Tokens : 250 Million CRYPTX

    SoftCap : 12.3 Million EUR
    HardCap : 22.4 Million EUR

    Preferred Mode of funds : ETH, BTC, LTC & NEO
    Other Modes : Credit Card, Debit Card, wire transfer

    Fund Allocation

    Tokenomics: ERC20 smartcontract


    Product Road Map

     Completed      In progress      Planned 

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