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I hereby confirm that I am not a Chinese National, U.S. citizen, a U.S resident or a resident in any jurisdiction which prohibits the sale of STMX Tokens.

What is CryptX Financial?

We have built an ecosystem around Crypto Finance.
A Cybernetic Financial Services platform where transactions are free and markets are  accessible to all.

Establishing trust between two peers exchanging value has become very expensive. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and other service providers  along side banks charge between 2.5-5% of transaction value to establish this trust. Value of goods and services is lost when a significant portion of the transaction is absorbed by middlemen conducting these transactions.

  • Trading Marketplace
  • Payments System
  • Investments and Fundraising
  • Commerce
  • 0 Fees on CRYPTX Transactions
  • Instant Liquidity

Live UnBanked

We have aggregated “Crypto – Finance” into one platform. On CRYPTX Financial, use any of your digital assets to explore a world of opportunities. Trade, Invest, Pay, Raise Funds, Buy or Sell Goods and Services, your assets, digitized.

We are moving towards a borderless, global economy powered by cyberspace. Forex will become irrelevant once Digital Assets become mainstream, Investment Options will become more direct, where every individual has the power to be their own Venture Capitalist. Powered by our bespoke multipurpose dual blockchain system called Hyperledger ANVIL, CRYPTX Financial brings to you the freedom to truly access, diversify and control your assets using Cybernetic Financial Services.

Digital Democratic Capitalism

Cashless, Bankless and Decentralized

The CRYPTX Financial ecosystem dissolves existing firewalls within the BFSI sector by empowering users to customize the consumption of Financial Services.

  • No Brokers or Middlemen
  • 100% Genuine Human to Human Interactions
  • KYC CFT & AML approved user base
  • Verified Investment Opportunities & Hedge Funds

Token Features


Experimentation Nov 2017
Attempt to handle the entire day to day expense of an individual by using established Cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH.
Analysis Feb 2018
Identify multiple pain points in the cryptofinance industry and come up with creative and technical solutions for the issues.
Design May 2018
Address the lack of an ecosystem, an appalling number of cyber security breaches & technical ineffectiveness issues in the industry by designing a platform that would bring the "Crypto-Finance" vertical under one platform, while also being decentralized.
Hiring Jul 2018
Hire more like minded individuals with the required expertise to develop a working proof of concept.
MVP Oct 2018
Test out the proof of concept with a Minimum viable product and take it live.
Pre Sale Jan 2019
Start the Presale with a 30 % bonus on tokens purchased along with Rewards, Bounty campaigns and The Bull Run Trading quest to acquire at-least 1,000 users.
Main Sale & Launch Mar 2019
Take the main sale and the platform, including the CRYPTX Financial Trading Marketplace & Payments System live at the same time unlike traditional players in this industry.
Completion of ICO & Main Launch Jul 2019
Launch The CRYPTX Financial Ecosystem, with Trading, Payments, Investments, Commerce and Mobile App to hit a target of 10,000 Users.
Customer Acquisition & Corporate Options Sep 2019
Use the traction we receive for our corporate options to launch a brand marketing campaign for customer acquisition across Europe.
CRIS Dec 2019
Launch CRIS - CRYPTX Realtime Intelligence System a machine learning interface that is a part of the user experience as a personal asset manager on the ecosystem. Acquire 100,000 users.
The CRYPTX Financial Ecosystem Feb 2020
CLaunch CryptX Financial - A Platform that seamlessly integrates with any country's economic system and enables a secure transaction between businesses, individuals and governments in a transparent and decentralized structure.
Fork to ANVIL Blockchain Apr 2020
Launch ANVIL - Asynchronous Natively Verified Intertrade Ledger, the custom dual block chain based multi purpose ledger and issue CRYPTX token swap out all ERC20 standard CRYPTX tokens that are being held or already consumed, for free. Know more about ANVIL here. Acquire 250,000 users.
Further Development TBD
As more advances in wearable devices, machine learning and block chain technology emerge ensure that CRYPTX Financial stays at the spearhead of innovation, providing the best of customized financial services to the customer. Acquire 1,000,000 users.

Our Team

Our Advisors


Our Approach to the Initial Coin Offering Model is different.

We present to you, a working platform, real world usage & organic traction. Feel free to contact us to get on a one on one call to scrutinize our project, review the business plans and for any general feedback or queries.

If you are interested in being part of this journey, let’s talk.

  • 68% Distributed to Community

  • 10% Founder Retention

  • 10% Company Reserves + Team

  • 5% Rewards & Bounty Program

  • 2.5% Bounty campaign

  • 2.5% Advisory Board

  • 1% Legal

  • 1% Charity

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