CryptX Financial is for everyone

The CryptX Financial Marketplace is tailored to meet the bespoke requirements of modern society for digital asset management and their custom need for Financial System

Active Trader

~ Less to NO Trading Fee

A Trader Account

A trader can use the marketplace to trade at 0% trade fee using CRYPTX trade pair or a mere 0.1% on other options. Also can use their expertise to create investment portfolios for other users.

ICO Option

~ Pre-vetted Investment

Investment Options

Single platform for customers to invest in popular Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs that are pre-vetted and to track your investment growth

Millennial & Student

~ Savings Plan

Expensive living

No savings? Seeking investment advice? Need future returns? Falling back on EMIs? - solving all this under one roof with ZERO fee

NGO & Research Institute

~ Community Support

Trust is Transparent

Charity fund raised and spent with transparency and makes supporting those in need a real cause

Enthusiast & Hobbyist

~ Cybernetic Financial Services

New to the Crypto world and the internet of Money?

A perfect ecosystem for you to being your journey into digital assets and relinquish your dependence on traditional banking. #CryptXCommunity

Technophile & Developer

~ Build with Community

Build in Reality

Solve a real world problem with your product. Build them with the help of #CryptXCommunity

Small Business

~ Payments in Crypto & Fiat

Grow your business

Stop paying 2.5% to 5% of transaction fee to Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. CryptX Financial’s Payment system is a one click secure payment solution at zero* transaction fees.


~ Forex & Crypto Banking

Expand your business

Move your assets from one country to an other using cryptocurrency, save on your Forex expenses. Customized corporate accounts that fits your company structure.


~ Calculated Investments

Venture Capitalists & Investors

An opportunity to lead funding for Initial Coin Offerings or ICO’s, Hedge Funds & Research projects among #CryptXCommunity.