Kyle WhiteStrategic Advisor : US Market

Areas of expertise
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Legal Research
  • Strategic Communications
  • Chief Marketing¬†Officer,
  • Marketing Chair, Element Zero Network
  • Marketing Manager, Apollo Box & ApolloX
  • Advisor,
  • Advisor, CryptX Financial

Kyle focuses on removing barriers to success through collaborative partnerships to grow long-term brand impact and business success.

Kyle obtained a Master’s Degree to cement his knowledge in digital communication practices and learn from experience how to scale a brand. Further, professional experience in real campaigns includes, identifying scalable opportunities for Shareable Social, growing brand awareness amongst a segmented audience, generating 2,000 users for The Vegas Hookup, and creating a branded capstone website as well as a personal website.

Currently, Kyle volunteers with Hootsuite, as a North American Ambassador, gaining knowledge on best social media practices as well as learning community/ambassador growth tactics.

Also, Kyle leveraged High5ive Entertainment to raise awareness for Autism in his hometown. His long-term career plan is to raise the human capital in Youngstown, Ohio by starting a B2C technology accelerator.

Kyle is a hands-on leader that understands the value of hard-work and dedication to achieving goals. During College, Kyle saw an opportunity to immerse students directly in the campaign process. Seizing the opportunity, the business generated over $300,000 in three campaign cycles, each year growing the client base.

Kyle is utilizing his experience to help grow cryptocurrency across the globe. Through organic methods, Kyle has grown both a Twitter and Telegram community to over 30k members in under one month. With a focus on community over the company, real products are built that solve real solutions. He is a firm believer, that you create the world you want to see.