Praveen KumarChief Strategy Officer

Areas of expertise
  • Creative designing
  • Intermediate developer
  • Competitive advantage
  • Product manager and Digital Marketer
  • Founder & CSO, CryptX Financial S.A
  • Founder & CSO, Erebor Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founder and Director, BeeBox ehive

A crazy 90’s geek on background as Creative designer, Digital marketeer & Intermediate development skills with Entrepreneurship has brought different domains under one roof, creating a technological perma-ecosystem.

Few years back,
Praveen started his career in a digital marketing firm as an intern where he gained experience in all aspects of project management and system implementation. He grew as a project manager down the line handling a US based digital marketing company in Restaurants & Food chain sector.

He started focusing on client interactions on multiple projects, with his diverse experience over design and development helped in bringing out the best for client’s need and their customer segment.

In 2017, he founded the company, BeeBox ehive.